PKR is an international cryptocurrency. It’s decentralized, safe, transparent, without intermediaries and allows micro payments. Poker rooms who accept PKR as a payment currency as well as PKR holders will benefit from:

► A global game and not restricted by laws that do not respect the interests of players.
► Completely safe and much faster transfers. Without intermediaries (with micro fees).
► No restrictions or limits on deposits and withdrawals.
► A huge traffic in the poker room. Play all the Poker variants, methods and limits of poker without having to emigrate to another country.
► More revenue.

Unlike other crypto currencies, we have a solid project and we believe in it. Our mission is to support the growth, adoption and utility of PKR coin. The better the PKR coin is distributed and more users want to keep their coins, the more successful. That’s why we are not in a hurry to get to an exchange.

What is PKR coin?

PKR is an electronic currency that allows making payments almost instantly anywhere in the world. As a peer-to-peer Internet currency, it doesn’t require confidential information for management. We are a company with the objective of making the global economy safer, more efficient and more transparent for all. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to start using this revolutionary payment method and to start taking profit from using it.

Why use PKR?

To simplify online Poker. We want consumers, merchants, players and poker rooms around the world to enjoy the benefits of our innovative digital currency which is designed to make your payments more safe, simple and smart. It’s designed to solve the actual online Poker problems.

Getting Started

As a new user you will have to get your wallet to manage your PKR. Just install the wallet on your PC and get your public address. An address is like an account number, except that you can generate more addresses every time you need it, regardless of which you use, all directions will always be assigned to the same wallet. As soon as your wallet is installed, you will be able to send or receive PKR.


You can get them in the usual Bitcoin way, by mining or by obtaining them from someone else, trading.

Innovative mining reward system

Spend PKR

We are working on it. Everyday there will be a growing number of services, products and merchants accepting PKR.