The Coin

Proof of work

PKR coin is based on the last version of Litecoin []. PKR coin uses scrypt in its proof-of-work algorithm.

Total amount

The PKR network is therefore scheduled to produce exactly 69 million of PKR during 1217 days.

Confirmation speed

PKR coin block confirmation speed will be about 90 seconds. We believe it’s ideal for combining safety and speed, two of the most important factors in online Poker.


PKR coin network readjusts difficulty using Kimoto’s Gravity Well. It has proved to be one of the most efficient methods to solve difficulty issues.


Premining amount will be 2.1% (1.448.160). A fair amount which is will be used for development expenses, programmers, designers, marketing and expansion opportunities.

Total blocks

There will be about 960 blocks found per day on a total of 1,168,321 blocks. The minimum reward is 0.3125 PKR / block and the highest reward is 350 PKR / block.